I just can't give up!

I did it!!! I figured it out! I am a GENIUS! I started my blogger blog a few months ago and recently tried to add a RSS Feed - so that my "readers" will know when I've updated my blog and keep up to date with me. Well in my "other blog" {Simpley Emily} I just couldn't get it to work and it was driving me INSANE! I started a new blog in wordpress and even though it would work out for me ... if it had to, there were a lot of limitations as to how creative you could be and as anyone who knows me knows if something does not alone me to be creative and put my finishing touches on it then it won't wok for ME. Last night a light bulb went off and I thought to myself why don't I just start a new blog in blogger - carry over all my posts from the previous blog and see if the feed will work, well IT DID!!! Wooo hoooo! I'm so happy and relieved, it's a great day. Now I can blog till my hearts content and you'll all be updated.

Rock ON.

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