Where have I BEEN?

Where have I been all this month? My last post was on the 6th of June almost twenty days ago. Heaven help me. Well let me begin with pointing out I've changed my banner again - went back to a scene from Paris, I was missing it.

In June we had a few great friends visiting which means leave the computer the side and enjoy every minute you can with them. I've posted a few times about them and the get togethers we had while they were here. We sure do miss them.

EM at Vivi's Birthday Party

EM & Fer

The Dude

Pedro the birthday boy.

Fer & Pedro

Ahh the beach.

The other big thing that has happened this month and really shut down my computer for over a week was some "construction" done in our teeny weeny apartment. We FINALLY put in a washer/dryer. I know how could we go even a year without one in the apartment well we tried and it sucked so we finally broke down and bit the bullet and installed them. They are awesome and I'm so happy we did it!

So now we should be back up and running and I should be able to keep up with my blogging.

1 comment:

Claudine said...

missed you... don't you love your washer and dryer!

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