berry fruity contest

My blogging buddy Claudine posted on her website a few days ago that Martha Stewart had a new contest out asking people to submit photos of their best Everyday Fruit Desserts so of course I got right to it and submitted a few of my latest fruity creations. (remember 4th of July)

Here's are the photos I submitted to the contest:

Red, White and Blueberry Trifle

Summer Shortcake

Peach Cobbler (made this for a family dinner while I was up Connecticut in the spirit of moving to the Peach State)

The contest details and posting section is on her Everyday Food section of her website, I'm not sure what you win or if you win but I hope I win. :) Regardless you know I'm there like a bear can't turn down a Martha Stewart Contest.
Enter your photos today.

1 comment:

Claudine said...

Great pics! You are a winner for sure!

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