Where do we begin... where did I leave off (end of July in Review)

I started writing this post a few weeks ago but was not able to post pictures so I just saved it until I was back up and running with my home computer. The last week in July we were so busy preparing for our move to Atlanta and saying good-bye to all our friends, well not really good-bye more like so long for now. ...I couldn't say good-bye I couldn't stand the pain... where do we begin:

July 26th was my good friend Joanne's birthday, so we went over to her house for a birthday party which involved good friends, good food and a delicious birthday cake prepared by her husband and her daughter. Here's some pics from the big day:

Then on Sunday we had a Team Inter (de Miami) Soccer Farewell party and no better way to do that than have a soccer game with great friends. A lot of Fer's soccer buddies showed up for the event it was very nice of them to do so and meant a lot to him. He's spent 6 years with this soccer team and they are like family to us so it was nice to spend the day with them. (I unfortunately hardly took any photos that day, which means we'll just have to do it again sometime) But here are a few:

We will miss everyone in Miami but know what we will stay in touch for many years to come. Next pictures of what my co-workers did my office on the last day of work.

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