Pecan Squares

another when in Rome do as the Romans do type thing. First it was peaches now it's PECANS. I've made these before but now that we live in Georgia it seems rather appropriate to make them again and again and again... :)

These Pecan Squares are an Ina Garten recipe and they are awesome. They're easy to make too. Check out the process:
take the shortbread dough and spread it out in the pan.

combine butter, brown sugar, honey, lemon zest and orange zest in a pan and heat up on the stove, until the butter melts.

chop up the pecans

there chopped. :)

butter and sugar is combined and off the heat

once the butter, sugar mixture is off the heat add the cream and pecans:

pour the mixture over the shortbread crust (that has baked in the oven for a few minutes)

and voila! the finished product. Awesome, beautiful and delicious. Hope you have a chance to make this recipe some time soon.


Debbie said...

Yum! I'll definitely be trying that one!

Claudine said...

You know I love Ina Garten, and I have never tried that one. Great step by step pictures, better then a book!

Marcie said...

This looks so good! I love love pecan pie, and I am so excited that it is the time of year for it! This looks like a great recipe to try! I heart Ina too!

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