some atlanta site seeing...

little by little and I keep saying it but it takes awhile to settle in and get your bearings to a new place but we are, this past weekend we did some site seeing finally in Atlanta. Went to the Georgia Aquarium which is the largest in the world and boy is it. It's pretty amazing. Now we went on a holiday weekend so there were also some of the largest lines in the world to get into the aquarium, but it was well worth it. I hear it's like that all the time so I recommend either going pretty early in the morning or later on in the day. We got into the aquarium around 3pm and when we left around 4:30pm there were hardly any lines and the sun was not beating down on you.

Here's some pictures from the visit:

Hope you enjoy the pictures and have a chance to make it to this aquarium sometime yourself.

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Debbie said...

Gorgeous pictures! I can't wait to see it in real life one day - what a great experience it would be for the little monkey too! :-D

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