moving right along {Lesson 3 Complete}

Slowly but surely I'm moving along with my Photoshop - Digital Scrapbooking Class. It is truly amazing all you can do with Photoshop every lesson I'm amazed. I would once again highly recommend anyone take a class with Jessica Sprague if you can it's well worth the time and money. You can even sign up for the free one she's offering beginning in the next few days. :)

Check out my latest layout, I used pictures from our trip to Tennessee:

Notice on the left hand bottom corner the semi transparent photo, cool huh. I even did "stitching" on the blue polka dot paper edges. Awesome Awesome Awesome! I love this stuff. :)


Debbie said...

Love it!

Claudine said...

Emily that is so awesome! I love the red flourishes and the background. I love it! I may need to copy it in paper....

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