All American Apple Pie

As part of our election night celebration I made individual apple pies; recently Fer and I went to a restaurant here in Atlanta and had an individual apple pie for dessert and I thought what a good idea and wanted make them at home for us, well when I saw on the Daily Show (where I get all my news from) a clip of Barack Obama saying that he likes Pie I decided what could be better for our election night dessert but All American Apple Pie.

They turned out DELICIOUS as you saw from my previous post I think for the first time in my life I mastered the pie crust and after indulging in our apple pies tasting the most delicious and flaky crust I would say I did. (it was just a triumphant night all the way around.)

Here's how they looked:
I rolled out the pie crust on a sheet of parchment paper, got that idea from the Martha Stewart Cooking School Cookbook and what a good idea because then it didn't stick to the counter and I could move it around. Shocking to me it rolled out so nicely.

getting ready to go in the oven

out of the oven

all dressed up and ready to celebrate. :)


Claudine said...

those look great! I love the rustic individual ones. I wish I would have done that! What a wonderful day!

Maureen said...

Glad to see another supporter, and loved the look of your...A Day in the Life book. Found you on Ali, and thanks for the post-election button.

Btw, were we not on a no white-sugar or flour post vacation way of eating, I'd be trying your tutorial on piecrust. Open tarts/pies are so much fun, and make pies so much less fiddly.

Debbie said...

Those look absolutely divine!

Oh...here's a blog that may be of your liking :-):

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