If you all remember I had a very nice herb garden in Miami, well when we moved it was going to be really difficult to move the plants so I left them with one of my friends in Miami. Now that we're in Georgia I have been working hard to create a new garden up here. (I just can't seem to allow myself to purchase herbs in the store when I know how easy they are to grow.)
So it was no problem finding Basil and Mint but I NEED MY SAGE (lol) that has always been the most difficult for me to find and of course it's a very necessary herb to have around this time of the year. Well I decided to try ordering some online since I couldn't find any sage plants locally.
Here's what came in the mail:

(get me out)

when I first took the plants out the box and chuckled at how pitiful they looked I thought HEY I ordered three plants there are only two here and they charged me for three what is going on... well when I took the wrapping off the plants I realized...

there was actually three separate plants there. Parsley, Thyme and SAGE!

now they are planted and hopped up on a lot of plant food so let's see what happens, I hope I have this growing before to long.

The place I ordered them from seemed very nice and the grower was very helpful with answering a lot of questions for me since I wasn't sure about how cold it could get before I had to bring the plants inside so we'll see how the growing process goes now. I have faith!

By the way you have to bring the herbs (and yourself) inside when it gets below 40 degrees, needless to say they are in the house now. :)

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