Pitty Pat's Porch Restaurant

Another place we checked out while my parents were visiting was a restaurant called Pitty Pat's Porch. It was great, I've been looking for a restaurant here in Atlanta that serves up Southern Cuisine. I know there must be more out there but this was the first one and I'm sure Fer and I will be going back there from time to time.

My Dad had Fried Chicken which was delicious, I had Savannah crab cakes and grits and my Mom had Rhett's Mixed Grill. This restaurant is "based" on a character from the story Gone with the Wind so it was very appropriate to visit and dine at the restaurant the same day we went to see Margaret Mitchell's home.

This is the upstairs bar area where you can sip on a mint julep and rock in the rocking chairs while you wait for your table.

before the meal you'll be served some southern biscuits and cornbread.

this was my meal.

this is what I had for dessert, it was so good. A peach cobbler with a scoop of cinnamon ice cream served on top, did I already mention it was good. I'm definitely going to try to make this cinnamon ice cream at home. YUMMY

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