friday night with friends

This past friday night we had some great friends over and enjoyed a delicious meal. I prepared an appetizer (recipe courtesy of a great friend from Miami) and a dessert. We were treated to a meal by our guest/neighbor and friend chef Sid. It was great he made a traditional Indian dish and also a Portuguese "inspired" chicken dish and to describe them I would say nothing less than incredible. Naan bread, my favorite, was also served with the two dishes. Everything was GREAT, I know Fer and I enjoyed it and so did all our guests. I think Sid created a little fan club that night and we'll be looking forward to many more meals by him.

Here's some pictures of the meal:
Warm Artichoke Dip (didn't have a chance to take a picture before it was gone but will definitely make it again and post a photo.)
Portuguese "Inspired" Chicken
Butter Paneer
and for dessert Cheesecake Brownies

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