what's growing in your garden?

thank goodness it's finally warm enough here in Georgia to begin growing a new garden. Needless to say my herbs were not going to live here during the winter with below 40 degree temperatures and when I moved them inside they got kind of weird. So here we are all fresh and new. I do not have as much space here as I did in Miami to have the bumper crop of herbs but I will make due with what I have so far. As of right now I'm growing Basil, Mint and my favorite Sage. (always the most difficult for me to find) I like to grow Basil for pesto and just one of my favorite herbs to throw into anything I'm cooking, I grow mint for mojitos and Sage for cooking with chicken and also this great stuffing recipe I have. I may add at least two more herbs to my garden and am hoping to add some type of flowering plant or just some type of big tropical plant to our patio landscape. :)

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Debbie said...

Looks beautiful! You've done a great job with the space that you have :-)

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