Brick Store Pub

Let's kick off the Guide to Atlanta's Bar & Restaurants according to EM (and friends) with great little pub located in Decatur Georgia

Brick Store Pub
125 E. Court Square
Decatur, GA 30030

First of all Decatur is a great little town and one that we will need to discover more of; this was our first visit to the area. We were invited by a good friend to visit this pub and I'm glad we were able to make it since it was really cool. There was probably over 200 different beers on the menu and what I thought was great about it since I only know a handful of beers that I like by name, the waiter asked what KIND of beer do you like and gave you all kinds of options to choose from and then selected the one that he felt best suit your taste. (almost like telling your fortune I think, LOL) I'm not sure if all the waiters do that there but I have a feeling they do.

As far as food, we had a sandwich it was good but as usual the food at a pub is not REALLY the reason you go to a pub, but the food here was decent.

So I highly recommend this be a stop on your journey thru Hotlanta and a good excuse to check out the little town of Decatur as well.

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