Aye the Food!

Where can I even begin about the food in San Francisco, it's delicious! The amount of FRESH DELICIOUS seafood is worth the visit alone.

Looking at these pictures again is making me hungry for the delicious crab alone. The prepare it so simply and yet it's like the best thing you've ever had. They just dunk it in a pot of boiling salt water and then serve it with butter. What else could one ask for?


here's the guy preparing our order.

lot's of options.

this is the soup I mentioned in my previous post - the famous clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl, yummy.
some pretty good street food, huh?
dessert at Ghirardelli Square

and here is the wine tasting we had the first night we stayed in Sonoma at the Doubletree it came with the price of our room and it was awesome! The wines were delicious and the food that they paired with each wine was to die for.
pretty fun!
We didn't eat at The French Laundry (had to pay the mortgage you know) but we did make a little stop in Yountville, CA and had a bite to eat the Bouchon Bakery.
then on the way back to the hotel from Napa we stopped for a hamburger and shake at Taylor's Refresher. The hamburger was delicious and the shake was great it was a pistachio shake, very yummy. Great way to soak up all that you drank while "tasting" wines in Napa and a place I think I would visit often the burgers are so good.

back in San Francisco and wrapping up the culinary tour at the Hog Island Oyster Restaurant, in the Ferry Building, a recommendation from someone we met at one of the wineries.
even I tried the oysters and they were good.
serious clam chowder, huh.
Okay so now I think EVERYONE must be starving after reading this post. :)

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