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As I mentioned before we took a tour of San Francisco the second day we were in town so that we could get a good overview of the place and know what areas we would like to go back to on our own. We did the San Francisco City Tour with Gray Line and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a tour of the area. The tour began in Fisherman's Wharf and took us to (Fisherman's Wharf) Union Square, Civic Center, Twin Peaks, Mission Dolores and the Golden Gate Bridge/Park.

This restaurant "Boudin" is one of the famous spots in San Fran to have a clam chowder soup in a sourdough bread bowl, yummy.

The tour was a little over three hours and the first area we visit was Mission Dolores; where San Francisco began. Interesting how San Francisco begin with I'll say much of an influence from Mexico with different Mission areas.

We also visited the area called "Twin Peaks" where we had a GREAT view of the city and the bay.

imagine our tour bus drove up that road to get to the top.

then of course we made our way to the Golden Gate Bridge to drive over it and then visit the Golden Gate Park. It was a beautiful day and was able to take some nice photographs. It's always cool visiting something you've seen your whole life on TV and finally being there in person.

the scenery is just gorgeous in California.

it didn't' seem like this was a normal stop on the tour or at least to let us out and walk around on the beach was not a usual part of the tour but our tour guide took us to the beach and let us get out for a little while so we were able to say we put our feet in the water of the pacific ocean. Pretty cool!
Whenever we travel to a new place we like to take at least one tour to get an idea of the area and become more comfortable there then we hit the town however we want.

Where did you got this summer? Have you been to San Francisco, how was your trip?

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Rondell said...

That sure is a big ole city. I bet you can find a lot of good food to eat in a place like that!

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