off to Napa and Sonoma

Besides visiting San Francisco we really wanted to visit Napa and Sonoma while we were out in California and see all that wine country had to offer. We had a great time visiting these places and are definitely looking forward to going back some time (soon hopefully).

We started off our tour of wine country at Kendall Jackson in Sonoma County, this was a great way to start the tour and one of our favorite wineries on the trip (although I think they all became our favorites in one way or another)

Next on our stop in Sonoma County was SIMI, on our first day in wine country we just stayed in the Sonoma area and hopped around to about three wineries before calling it a day. The next day would be the major tour thru wine country.

Day two in wine country lead us to many wineries and all of them GREAT. The scenery on the drive from where we stayed in Sonoma to Napa Valley was breath taking, we had to pull over on the drive just to get out and take some pictures and enjoy the view.

We visited Beringer, the grounds of this winery were beautiful.

then we drove to the farthest point on our wine map that we wanted to check out and started working our way back down the map back towards our hotel. The farthest point was Domaine Chandon, this was another gorgeous estate (as pretty much they all were in their own way) I think in Napa everything is larger than life very beautiful on a grand scale where as to me Sonoma is more subtle and intimate. Both are great and have their own charm.

Then we went to visit Robert Mondavi's winery, really good wines and an awesome winery. It's just amazing how beautiful these places are.

one of our favorite wineries of the trip was the Silver Oak winery, for two reasons the wine was delicious and the people were so friendly. A bottle of Silver Oak can start at around $90 so in the light that it's not common to have a bottle of this wine on our shelves at home it was fun to indulge in a glass on our trip.
isn't this an awesome dog house, to bad we couldn't bring this back for Zico. I think he needs one of these.

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Debbie said...

How awesome - What a dream vaca!

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