December Daily: December 11, 12, 13 and 14

I was waiting for this day to come and it did, the holidays never disappoint and the funny thing is that what arrived was just not enough time to sit and document what was going on...make sense. I knew that the time would come that I had so much going on and so much I wanted to accomplish that it would just start RUSHING by without hardly anytime to realize what was going on and it did. But that's all part of what I wanted to make note of this holiday season, just exactly how it unfolds. So I decided to make a collage of some of the events and then possibly (if I have time) go back and tell more about the story of each event.

Just a brief look at each picture here in the grid:
1. making fudge (Mom's recipe) 2. wrapping gifts for the gang 3. stringing lights up for decoration at our holiday party4. Me and Harshal 5. Zico Biscuit at the party 6. company presents (oh yeah!) 7. food at the party 8. getting ready to do some baking. 9. Oh Christmas Tree - PEACE 10. cheese and crackers for girls night, when we watched Julie and Julia.
So there we go, got caught up and back on target. Hope you're enjoying your season even with all the craziness included.

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