New Year Organization

Over the holidays Fer and I were fortunate enough to have a two week staycation, we were off from work and for various reasons decided to stay home and just 'BE'. I was able to get A LOT of things done around the apartment as you have already seen from some of my posts and here is another major accomplishment that I completed while on my staycation.

Of course I have been trying to get to this for several months now and this was finally the time. I got rid of so much stuff by either donating it as you can see from this picture or throwing it out, it feels so good to de-clutter and only have the necessary on hand that I can actually feel the flow of the apartment is better and I feel like I lost 10 pounds (at least) in the process of this recent de-cluttering.

Here is the final result. All things hanging neatly, laundry hampers ready to go, purses hung on either the door with this cool purse hanger thingy I got from the container store a while back or on the wall with command hooks - I love those hooks!

We started renting a storage unit here at the apartments, mostly for the bikes but that afforded us some extra space so I could take all the Christmas decorations I had in my closet and move them to the storage room, which gave me more breathing room in my closet.

Here's a better picture of the door purse hanger and also you can see that I have a lot of the storage boxes on the left hand side of the closet. I was using those for all my crafts which I downsized considerably and also got different storage boxes for so now I'm using the craft storage boxes for my shoes. I may paint or cover the boxes to be more uniform looking but for now that works. I also opened up a standing bookshelf that I had shoved in the closet and am now using it for more "vertical" storage of things.

It's such a pleasure for me to get things organized and now it's a pleasure to go into my closet and get something. Yeah!!! Let's hope it stays this way for awhile.

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