Savannah: Anniversary Trip

Fer and I wanted to go on a short little getaway for our anniversary this year and what better place for us but, Savannah! (I know we need to branch out but we really enjoy our trips to Savannah, so there.) This time we stayed in two different hotels because we were there for both business and pleasure. First we stayed in a new hotel called The Bohemian, which is located on Bay Street on the side facing the river, it's a boutique hotel, part of the Kessler Group and it's beautiful. The hotel staff if very friendly and helpful and it's decorated with all kinds of amazing art, definitely worth the visit.

Here's a picture of Fer and I, we were spending our 12th anniversary in Savannah. Amazing to me that we have been married for 12 years... holy cow. I am truly blessed.

then we switched from The Bohemian Hotel to The Mansion at Forsyth Park - same family of hotel and equally as beautiful.

it was raining the first day we were there, here's a view from the window.

Since we were there during the week we were able to go to Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room Restaurant, it's a Savannah classic and so delicious. All comfort food and so much of it (easily 15 different plates) that you feel like you're having Thanksgiving dinner.

We waited around until everyone left from our table so that I could take a picture of just HOW much food you can eat... It's something else, huh.
We always have to visit Forsyth Park while we are there, this time our hotel was across the street from the park. It's so beautiful there.

Here's a picture of the Mansion from the outside.

Here's some of the Christmas Decorations inside of the Mansion.love the aqua and white.

Here's a close up of the Christmas Tree at the Mansion. It was so pretty and a great idea, a white tree with beautiful aqua ornaments on the tree.
and a close up of the tree at The Bohemian Hotel, different but equally as gorgeous. This tree was silver with white lights and deep purple ornaments but this one had a seaside them with shells and starfish hanging from the tree, I loved this one.

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The Scrappy Tree said...

What a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing your pics :)

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