Winter in Hotlanta

Now (as I'm typing this post it's 20 degrees with a wind chill of 8 degrees LOVELY) and this past week "Hot"lanta has been in a deep freeze. We moved here a little over a year ago from Miami so you can imagine we're not used to this insanely crazy cold weather. (my Connecticut roots are long behind me when it comes to weather temperatures) When we moved here people kept warning us about how hot it gets in the summer, granted for the most part I love the weather here, love the change of seasons for sure, but for us I love how we we're warned how warm it gets... hey we can take the warm, it's the cold that is something else. They told us it never snows and never gets below 40 degrees, well it's NOW snowed for the second year in a row since we've been here and it's been under 40 degrees for at least a week and a half. LOL. But it's all good, of course I would really LOVE for it to warm up soon!!! But as long as it's temporary this winter wonderland is bringing lot's of great sights to see and it's not so bad having to stay inside snuggled up with your loved ones.

Of course since I have Mr. Zico Biscuit we have to venture outside no matter what a few times a day and on one of our walks we managed to capture some of this cool photos from our pool area. The pool and the waterfall have frozen and it looks really neat.

and here's the pool, something else, huh.

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The Scrappy Tree said...

That pool is giving me shivers just looking at it!

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