would you like to advertise?

starting in 2010 I'm going to kick this blog into high gear and would like to start having some sponsors of it, so what do you think? Would you like to be one of the first sponsors of the Simply EM Blog.

Sponsors of this blog would most likely be small business or other blogs that want to get more exposure, since I'm starting out I would like to offer a great deal to my initial sponsors. For the first 5 people interested I will offer free sponsorship to this blog for the month of January and for all the people after that, that are interested in being sponsors you can sponsor this blog for the month of January and February for $10

You can either provide me with a widget/ad that you would like to have on my blog or I can create one for you, with your pictures, etc. (small fee for me to create one for you)

What you will get, obviously more exposure to your business or blog, a featured post about your business and we can discuss doing a giveaway from your product inventory which would be great for both of us.

I'm very excited about this possibility and I hope you are too. Please comment here on this post if your interested and leave your email address in the info so that I get back to you. Thanks!

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