Are you Martha Stewart Clean?

So are you Martha Stewart Clean? Well if you're not, now you can be. LOL With her new line of Martha Stewart cleaning products at The Home Depot. I picked up the Dish-Hand Soap and one of the all-purpose cleaners she has and will report back to you how I like them. I'm sure you can already guess if I'll like them or not. The line seems really good and covers everything from floors, to clothes to dishes. Pretty cool! Have fun cleaning!


Dayka (Life +Style) said...

hey! i found you via google analytics and i see you have me on your blog roll--thanks!!

i just saw these products at HD tonight and was telling my sister how Martha has really created something for herself. i was wondering how the products were, so i'll have to check them out!

Emily said...

Thanks for stopping by. I only bought two items so far the Dish/Hand Soap and the all-purpose cleaner. So far and forgive me for saying this Martha but I'm not THAT impressed with the dish/hand soap for dishes.... does not stand up to an entire sink of dishes. I'm surprised but I think for hand soap and one or two quick dishes it will be fine... I'll have to post something about it once I've tried the other product I have at home.

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