A year with Zico

Yesterday, February 1st, marks the one year anniversary of bringing Zico Biscuit home from the pet shop and boy has he made our lives better. Before getting Zico I had wanted to get a dog for awhile but just never did, finally one day I went to a nearby pet shop and "looked at the puppy in the window" and immediately fell in love with this little guy. The fact that he winked at me sealed the deal. I am so thankful that we brought him home and everyday no matter what he puts a smile on my face and teaches me how incredible the power of love it. Here's some pictures from the past year.

This is a picture of him the first night we brought him home. So little and cute. He was only about three pounds when we brought him home and now he's a whopping 10ish pounds.
one of our first walks.

first trip out in the big wide world.
his bed was so big for him back then.
his first snowfall.
his first Uconn basketball game during march madness we watched Marley and Me together.

another walk out in the big wide world months later.
his first birthday. what a lovable little guy.

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Debbie said...

Such a cute little fuzzball. Happy anniversary ;-)

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