Blog to Business Workshop: What I learned

About two weeks ago now I participated along with many others in Marta's Blog & Business Workshop that she shared with us everyday for one week on her blog Marta Writes, it was an awesome workshop and I learned a lot. Of course I would love to turn my blog into a money making machine but now is not the time for that, hopefully some day though. What I took away from her workshop was some good information about how to streamline your blogging and surfing of blogs along with the most important item u be u and I'll be me. :)

Something I had not used before but I am now using and find REALLY awesome is Google Reader. I love to surf a lot of people's blogs each and everyday for inspiration in all kind so things from photography to cooking and I was loading up my blog with all kinds of links so that I would always know when one's blog was updated, I still have a good amount of blog links on my blog but now I have many more neatly tucked away in Google Reader. It's a really cool and helpful tool and I know there is even more for me to learn about the reader and how I can organize it even better but for now I put in a whole bunch of subscriptions to blogs that I like to follow and every day I check in to the reader and read away all in one place. :)

Another thing I recently started using, which isn't' really because of the workshop more because the blog was not showing up properly in Internet Explorer is Google Chrome, just another web browser but for those of you who use Blogger - it's really compatible and much better (I think) thank using IE.

I did a little sprucing up on my blog over the weekend (hope you like the improvements) and learned how to center a widget which I'm doing cart wheels over! If you haven't checking out this blog CoffeeShop Photography you should she teaches you a lot of cool things on how to improve your photos thru Photoshop and also how to manipulate blogger to do the things you want!

So that's it for the moment. I hope you have a great day!


Debbie said...

Love the new look! Glad you're having fun with all your new blog knowledge :-) Thanks for the coffeeshop blog link, I'll be checking it out.

Dayka (Life +Style) said...

thanks for sharing. i read the marta's blog and really want to download the workbook. she had some great tips . . .

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