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This weekend we went to try out a new burger joint and let me tell you boy was it GOOD! Probably one of the best hamburgers I've had in a long time. YUMMY!
We went to the Counter Burger in Roswell, GA - I would say it's a upscale, yet casual still, Hamburger Restaurant. The concept of the restaurant is that you can "build your own burger", which is fun and stressful (LOL) at the same time. There were so many options and of course your want to build the best burger. You can also just order an already decided on burger if you'd like off the menu. I went kind of mainstream with my selections grilled onions, provolone cheese... and coleslaw. :) Didn't want to go to nuts at first. But you can order things like grilled pineapple and fried egg as well for your hamburger.

Here's a picture of the bar area of the restaurant. You can choose beer from the tap or some vino if you'd like. Sounds good to me. The decor is pretty cool too.
Here's a burger with a fried egg on top. Yummy.
Here's a Counter Burger.
Hope you have a chance to check out this place some time soon, it was really good!
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