Trip to Miami, Zico's First

Here's some photographs from our recent "family" trip to Miami, FL. Look at this little guy, who wouldn't want to take him where ever you could. Zico Biscuit sporting his little "good dog" polo from Old Navy, can he be any more stylish?

Okay let's hop in the car now and head to South Beach to ride around and check out the beach. What's Zico thinking here... Wow I've never seen a place like this before.

{Zico riding in the car down Ocean Drive}

Here we go, let's hit the beach!

{Zico Biscuit on South Beach. Miami, FL Feb. 2010}

Here's a pic of some of the cool scenes along Ocean Drive

{one must have a Mojito while in South Beach, right?}

I love this photo, it our "family portrait" in shadows on the beach.
{me and the little guy}
Some of the typically beautiful scenes from South Beach, I tell ya for me you just can't beat the ocean.
Later on in the day we took Zico over to Lincoln Road where all the cool dogs go for a stroll. Of course Zico was the hit of Lincoln Road that night everyone was stopping us asking questions about him and petting him, he is such a sweetheart.

{Zico and Fer in front of the Britto store on Lincoln Road, do you think Zico was the model for that piece of art in the window?}

{this picture was taken inside the clothing store called All Saints on Lincoln Road, it was a really cool store and had all these awesome antique sewing machines as decorations}
So there you have it scenes from the Burton's Family Fun in the Sun Trip to Miami.


carissa @ lowercase letters said...

what a cute doggy! so sweet! ummm, i love your blog. so glad i found it and stopped by. you are adorable. happy thursday.

Kaz and Amy said...

I love the beach pictures and the little doggy outfit! So cute!

Have a great Thursday!


Emily said...

Thanks for the awesome comments! We sure do love that little guy and were happy to take him to Miami with us this time. Thanks for the compliments on my blog and my pictures!!! :) Happy Thursday to you!

Debbie said...

Oh my gosh, too cute. Surly Zico fit right in with the other posh SoBe pups :-)

The Scrappy Tree said...

I love this post! Tee hee!

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