Project Wednesday: Picture Wall Reveal

Finally my picture wall project is complete and I have photographed it to post here. I was totally inspired by this post by Ali proabably a year ago, so when Fer said he wanted more pictures of our families around the house I jumped on the opportunity to create this "headboard" of photos above our bed. Of course you can expect more of these type of photo walls to pop up around the aparment for sure.
I bought all the frames from Ikea (disregard the fire alarm above the photos) and printed them out on my home printer using Picasa - I printed them all in Sepia tone to go along with the tones of our room.
I love ALL of these photos and they make us smile everytime we look at them!
Art, Love, Family, Happiness.... I can go on and on.
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Happy Wednesday. I hope this project inspires you to do something similar in your home.

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