.... And the Winner is....

32 TEams, 32 Stories - Can you believe it's over? A month of Soccer (almost everyday) a month of excitement a month of listening to the Vuvuzelas and now it's over. The only good part is that we won't hear those horns anymore but other than that I know there is some sadness in our household. Fer LOVES soccer and the world cup is IT for him, so now he'll have to return to regular soccer matches or re-watch the world cup games just a few more times. This world cup had some really exciting games and the part I like the best (about all these final games) is getting together with friends to watch the games it's always more exciting being surrounded by people who are just excited to see a team win as you are.

So that's it and Spain is the winner - Congrats to them and now we will return to our regularly programed lives. :)

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