It's all about the timing

The other day I nonchalantly went to Target during my lunch break to pick up Bret Michaels latest CD... :) more on that later and as I was strolling around the store I noticed the summer stuff (already) was 75% off so I took a gander to see what they had left and LOW AND BEHOLD the Ceramic Garden Stools I've been WANTING were ON SALE. These stools are normally $70 to $90 dollars, but they were marked down to $23 dollars I have JUMPING for JOY! I'm sure you could understand. I would have bought all of them I couldn't believe the price but I only got two. I love them, we put one in our living room and one out on the balcony. It's so cool. I also picked up two outdoor pillows for $3; that was an amazing shopping trip.

I still haven't cut the price tag off the items because I still can't get over the great deal I scored! AWESOME!!!! Happy Shopping to you!
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Debbie said...

WOW!!!! You did AWESOME! Keep me outta Target.

Dayka (Life +Style) said...

i never knew those stools were at target, but i'm going to search for them today!

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