The Christmas Season has Begun

A quick and crafty post of something I created over the weekend. For some reason I am all about pom poms this holiday season so I started by making a little red and white pom pom christmas tree, it was super easy all you need is a styrofoam tree form, pom poms and a hot glue gun. I decided an ornament on top of the tree was better than the original single pom pom I had on it so other than that it's all pom poms. :)

I wanted it to be mostly white with just touches of red as you can see from the pictures. Easy peasy I hope you have time to whip one up and I hope that this inspires you to get crafty this now this holiday season.

1 comment:

Debbie @ Simply Captivating Events said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! I saw these done with glitter and candy, but I like yours much better. Super cute, hmmmm, you may be seeing a duplicate over here soon :)

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