Make Your Own Pom Poms

Well if you haven't guessed or figured it out by now I'm on a pom pom kick this holiday season. Here is a quick little tutorial on how to make your own pom poms out of yarn.
I used my handy dandy Martha Stewart Circle Cutter to cut out the templates to use to make the pom pom.

Here are the simple templates you'll need to use in order to make a pom pom.
Then wrap the template all around with yarn, you'll notice that Zico Biscuit was watching this pom pom making process very intently. It was hilarious he kept trying to grab the ball of yarn and run off with it.
And voila here is your finished pom pom. There is actually two more steps I need to show you - one is cutting the yarn around the template and the other is tying all the yard with another piece of yarn. Stay tuned for an update and a flurry of pom poms to hit the scene.
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Have a great weekend, whip up a pom pom or two.

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