Some more of the Details: Christmas Table Setting

For our Christmas Eve dinner I tried out two different centerpiece place settings. One I had been planning all along the first one you see here but the other I wanted to try out just to see how it would look. I think the second one would have worked well if I had had a white or blue table cloth but it was just not working with what I had.
This first table setting is very rustic and I love it. I had purchase a bag of pine cones last year at and after Christmas sale so they were muy cheap and then I got the round faces this year I used fresh cranberries and floated them in water with a tea light candle in each vase - totally worked and very easy to put together.

Here's option two - again could totally work but just not with the color scheme I had going. Also I had been planning to make pom poms with each person's name on them for everyone's place setting and have that be the place card but in the end that did not happen.

Ornaments could make a great place card and I may try that next year since I bought some clear glass ornaments I could work up something cool with those, like perhaps putting each person's picture in it... ohhh already planning.

Here is what made the final cut - I added a few more candles than I had previously designed and I think it looks/looked great. Simple yet beautiful. I was pretty impressed with myself.

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Debbie said...

Great job, the last pic is gorgeous!

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