Another Martha Stewart Product

We all know that Martha Stewart sells everything; products for the kitchen for the bathroom for the bedroom, furniture, crafts, even homes now. Well she recently came out with a line of food at Costco; around christmas she had a ham and now she has three different soups. Although I think it's kind of funny how she's the queen of homemade and shows you everyday how to make something new from scratch and now she's selling food already made (accompied with a side dish recipe card in the packaging) I of course had to try these new soups out. So far the only one that interests me is the Classic Tomato Soup. I tried it, I did a taste test with my real life Martha S. friend and we both really liked it, leave it to Martha Stewart to come up with a great tasting packaged food item.

I had some over the weekend accompied with a grilled cheese sandwich. YUM.

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