Last weekend we did not make it to the beach, but that's fine it was a raining weekend and just right for spending time at home or going here and there. We went to a new Cupcake bakery here in Miami - how fun!

It's called Buttercream. It's very nice and the owners really paid attention to all the details in their bakery down to the disposable silverware they give you. It's a coffee shop and cupcake bakery, you can buy the cupcakes individually or by the dozen. They have a rotating cupcake schedule meaning only on certain days are certain flavors available like Red Velvet is only available on Wednesday and Saturday whereas certain flavors like chocolate are available everyday. My only comment (if I were asked) on what they could change would be the prices, each cupcake is $2.75 and to me their not big enough to be costing that much, but maybe it will change I'm sure it's not cheap to run that little bakery. All the cupcakes we tasted were good so I'm sure they will be around for while and that's great because we NEEDED a cupcake bakery. :)

Here's a pic of the cupcakes we tried. Vanilla, Vanilla Oreo, Lime and Chocolate.

Check it out for yourself and let me know what you thought about it.

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