We had a very casual, quiet and relaxing Easter this year which was very nice and a needed change of pace. Usually holidays are so rushed and involve so much preparation and work (which takes all the fun out of it) that it was so nice to do what we wanted. We even pulled off a family dinner at the end of the day on Sunday.
I got crafty for Easter and whipped up a few "GREEN" easter baskets made out of paper lunch bags and shredded paper (from the shredder). Mother Earth was proud of me that day. I got the idea for these baskets from who else but Martha Stewart she did the same thing but for floral arrangements on her easter table, I decided to use them for chocolates eggs and bunnies. They are EXTREMELY easy to make and I think they look great here's some pics.

and here they are filled up:

For dinner I made the delicious Bread Pudding by Nigella Lawson and also tried something new - Roasted Shrimp and Orzo another Ina Garten recipe. It was easy to make and delicious.

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