au revoir Paris...Enchante {pleased to meet you}

Where do I even begin... this was the most amazing trip Fernando and I have EVER taken. From beginning to end it was magical. They call Paris "Monumental Paris" and that is the best way to describe it monumental (and magical). Seeing the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame in person is amazing. We were pinching ourselves the whole time in awe that we were in Paris. I can't believe we went I can't believe we're back. I highly recommend taking a trip to Paris in your lifetime and in the following days I'll be posting photographs from our trip, (lot's of them) stories and recommendations of things to do in Paris.

We arrived in Paris at 8am (thursday morning) via American Airlines. Parishuttle picked us up from the airport and took us to our hotel, Hotel Opera Cadet {3 star hotel} and I would recommend this hotel to anyone - the location is great, it was clean and the staff was very nice and helpful. Since we arrived so early in the morning we could not check in right away so we stored our bags grabbed some breakfast and were off and running, ready to discover Paris on foot. We looked over the map and made our way to our first discovery The Louvre. [I recommend bringing a small compass with you to help you read the map and know where your going] We walked one way and realized we were going the wrong way :) and headed the other way and ended up at our desitination The Louvre. An amazing sight - everything is amazing in Paris but to stand there and see this massive building in front of you your jaw just drops. The Louvre was used as a fortress and when you see it you can completely see why. Napolean also lived there for awhile. We walked inside to the courtyard area of the Louvre and there was the famous pyramid - just amazing, amazing to see it with your own eyes and then after taking that in we turned around and THERE WAS THE EIFFEL TOWER - unbelievable! Just UNBELIEVABLE!

Once we saw the Eiffel Tower we were off and running we kept the tower in sight and started heading towards it discovering all kinds of amazing sights along the way. The first day would be our day of discovery - we saw almost all the major sights (quickly) ate at our first bistro and rode the metro for the first time we had laid the land for our week to come of discovering Paris.

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