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Well last weekend (memorial day weekend) we were off again for the whirlwind of all whirlwind trips. Fer's sister was getting married in Santa Cruz, Bolivia (she lives here in Miami also but this was a destination wedding). So we hopped on a plane on Thursday spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Santa Cruz and hopped back on a plane on Monday and were back in Miami.

Busy Busy Busy.

Despite the length of the trip it was very nice and we managed to pack everything (except rest) into the weekend we had wanted to.

The wedding was beautiful Vivi and Micael both looked very happy and beautiful. It was nice to be there with all the families.

Here's are some pics from the evening:

Here's some pics from around Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz itself is going thru some growing pains I guess you would call it and I would say for the most part Bolivia is still a developing country. The Crucenos (people from Santa Cruz) recently had an election to make Santa Cruz it's own state and they won - big time - but now they're waiting for the government to recognize their independence - good luck.

"If you want it defend it, vote for the yes"

Yummo Saltenas. These are Bolivian empanadas and they are delicious. The drink in the third picture is mocochinchi (sp?) it's like an ice tea with with a peach flavoring (is how I describe it) that's a dried peach in the bottom.

Check out the photo album for some more pics on the side of this blog.

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