Come Together

(L to R): The Dude, Rob, Katie, Geoff, Polly, Fer and EM

This weekend we were so busy but it was awesome. It was like a reunion weekend visiting with all our best friends. Polly one of my best friends from high school (who also lives in Florida) came down with her husband for the weekend. They are awesome we spent some time together on Lincoln Road (South Beach, Miami) and then two of our greatest friends flew in from different parts of the world. Martin from Argentina and Pedro from (Brazil) Canada. It's been awhile that we've had these two guys together in Miami. It was so nice spending time with all of them, reminiscing about old times just reminding you what life is all about. It's times like those friends like those that are priceless and make life worth living. It's so easy spending time with them no games no chaos just fun.

On Sunday we had a BBQ at our place and again we spent time with Martin and Pedro and a few more of of our good friends showed up Denise and Jorge and Gonzalo and Debbie. Miss Emma Claire made her debut at our place, what a cutie. (I didn't get pics of everyone or every event - which means we'll just have to do it all over again for the camera.)

(L to R): Fer, Pedro, Martin and Guenadi.

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Debbie said...

We had a great time...short but sweet. We definitely have to do it again. (Emma's been asking)

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