Lesson 1, Completed!

I completed my first digital scrapbook layout. I recently signed up for the "Now We're Rockin' with Photoshop" class on Jessica Sprague's website. It's great, I had purchased Photoshop Elements a few months ago and really like it but I knew there was so much more to it then I was using it for and didn't really feel like reading a boring book on it so I signed up for this class and I've already learned a ton of stuff! Amazing what you can do with this program.

Here's my first layout:

of course it's of Fernando. It's from a trip we made to Disney World a while ago. I'll breakdown a few of the elements of this page (so you know all the hard work I put into this.) ;)

I turned the photo into a sepia tone image then brought back the color to just one element of the photo as you can see the pumpkin. I added the torn page element and then put the blue background paper over that. Then I "cut" out of paper the journalling tag and added two journalling columns to write in. Cut out letters from an alphabet set to spell fun on the top of the page. The messy parts around the entire page are a "frame". Added the two hearts as an embellishment and then within the picture "stamped" two brush marks (the hearts in white) on the photo. I'm sure there's more that I can't remember now. But isn't it cool. I love it, I wonder what's next.


Debbie said...

YAY!!! You did a GREAT job on your first page!!! I see the beginnings of an addiction here ;-)

Be sure to start a gallery on 2Peas! I'll leave lots of comments :-)

Can't wait to see more!

Cecilia said...

hey em...love your digi page...if you need any help or questions, i got digi certified back in august in PSE... have a really good book and supporting cds if you are interested...

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