Week in the Life

This week I've been working on a project called "Week In The Life" inspired by Ali Edwards. Here is the post where she introduced the project - weekend creative : documenting a week in your life - and everyday since then she has been updating us on her progress and giving great tips on how to take better pictures, how to organize your projects, ways of documenting it and just plain encouragement to keep you going with it.

It's been a lot of fun - this has not been (i will say) one of my most exciting weeks but it does give me and who ever sees the pictures a taste of the daily life I live. :) I probably should be taking more pictures than I am but what can you do you have to start someone, right.

I think this is a project you can do from time to time and what I like about it and something that I get from Ali's posts is that sometimes we move thru life very fast and as they say don't take time to smell the roses. For example, Fer and I have moved a few times in the past few years and sometimes you don't even remember part of a house you were in or what was your daily routine in that place, this project makes you remember how things were. I'm really enjoying it.

This week long project started this past Monday and will continue thru to Sunday (tomorrow) at the end of the project I will create a mini album and will post pictures of that when it's finished.

Here's some of my pictures from this "Week in the Life" project so far, I will fill in more on each day later:

Can't start off the week without a BIG cup of coffee.Fer has been working so hard, I really appreciate all he does for us. As soon as he gets up he's at his laptop in his robe working away already.

laundry, can you stand the excitement.

Thursday Fer worked from home for a while we were side by side with our laptops conquering the world.

It's getting chilly up here, winter is coming.

Those are the first pics I took from each day, now I will go back and create a post for each day individually. Check back in later.

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