Thanksgiving/November Mini Album

I'm really into all these mini albums lately and here's what I created for Thanksgiving this year and also the month of November. Since we had so much going on with my parents coming here and then us going there I wanted to make sure that I captured as much as I could so months (or days) and years from now we could remember what we had done.

Here's what I created:

this is the cover

This first picture is of a man hole cover in Branford, CT I think it came out great and I like to take pictures of signs or some kind of marker of where we are as almost like a label in the flow of pictures.

I'm not posting all the pages but a sample of the general idea of the book. I printed out a photo of the bread that my Mom taught me to make and also some of the recipes that we made over this thanksgiving and included some of my favorite recipes for Thanksgiving since I will probably refer to this book for years to come on what I've done for prior turkey days.
of course having a scrapbook for November I had to include something about the election and the Obama being elected president. This picture is a scanned copy of a bumper sticker I received from moveon.org. It think it's awesome but I didn't want to punch holes in the actual bumper sticker so I scanned it.
page on the left is the back of the scanned bumper sticker and what's in between the two pages is a coaster from a restaurant, they are great but they are like chipboard material - so I collect them whenever we go out.
I cut a few pieces of the map we used for our trip to CT one showing Branford, CT and the other showing Atlanta, GA - our two destinations.

some of the pictures I have journalling next to, like this one. The journalling frame is from Ali Edwards Collection at Designer Digitals, they come with lines also.

It's a simple little book, but I love it and know these are moments that we need to remember forever so journals like this will help do that.

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Debbie said...

So cool! I love mini albums - perfect for documenting little tidbits here and there. Neat :-)

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