wrapping up December with a big red bow

December, as I'm sure for everyone else, has been a very busy month. Fer and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary and are still going strong, we experienced some of Christmas in our new home and traveled to Miami to spend Christmas with Fer's family. While in Miami we managed to make use of every minute we were there and visit our friends who we have missed very much since our move to Atlanta. Instead of doing individual posts on each event I'm going to wrap up 2008 in this post and move ON to 2009!

First our anniversary dinner, Fer took me to the best place in Atlanta for a view of the city and beyond. The Sun Dial Restaurant which is on top of the Westin hotel here in Downtown Atlanta, the restaurant spins around (slowly, sort of) and takes an hour to see the whole 360 view of the city and it was great.

Amazing views.
Centennial Park, see the Olympic rings all lit up.

we had shrimp and grits for an appetizer, YUMMOOO.


Then we went to check out Stone Mountain's Christmas Village, it was a pretty cold day when we went to see it but we made the best of it especially with Hot Cocoa in hand. The village is beautifully decorated and we were even able to see the Polar Express 4-D show which was pretty cool, I have to admit I've never seen that move but now I want to.

and then Christmas Eve, which we spent a Viviana and Michael's house.

That's a wrap.

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