Happy New Year: 2008 Year In Review

As we move ahead into 2009, I'm thinking back at what a great year we had in 2008. Full of so many events, many of them life changing. There were weddings and babies born. We moved to another state and we traveled traveled traveled. I would have to sum up 2008 as the year the Burtons traveled around the world. :) Of course there are more places we could have gone but for us it was a pretty exciting year of discovering new places. The biggest trip had to be Paris without a doubt, it was an amazing experience and reminded Fer and I how much we like to discover new places and expand our horizons. We can't wait to go back. Above is a collage with pictures from some of the highlights of the year. I also posted a photo album of the same on the side.
I had to show this little ornament at some point this holiday season. My parents gave it to us for Xmas and I think it's is so appropriate for us this year! We just hopped in the car and started traveling. I love it.

I'm not sure what 2009 has in store for us but I have a feeling it will be amazing whatever it is. A new year for me always has a good feeling of wiping your slate clean and starting fresh, a new plan a new way of doing things. So let's get this party called 2009 started!

Cheers! I wish you all a happy and healthy new YEAR!

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