Martha Stewart Book Signing

well my dreams have come true. :) I have met Martha Stewart in person. Last week here in Atlanta at the Georgia Aquarium there was a Martha Stewart book signing and of course I was there like a bear. As with most book signings you have to purchase a book in order to get your "ticket" so I purchased the Martha Stewart's Cooking School cookbook again.

I had to wait 3 hours in line to finally get to Martha and have my book signed but it was well worth it. While everyone was waiting in line waiters and waitresses were coming around serving milk and homemade cookies; no doubt recipes from her cookies cookbook. They were filming part of the book signing and some things around the aquarium for an upcoming show on March 5th - I hope I catch a glimpse of myself on TV from that day.

So after 3 hours of waiting I finally got into the room where she was signing the books... I caught my first glimpse of her and just couldn't believe I was finally going to meet her! She is such a class act and even more beautiful in person! I told her how much I've admired her all these years and am an avid fan of her show and she said a sincere THANK YOU to me! AWESOME!!! I still can hardly believe that I finally met her, next would be the opportunity to actual sit down and have a conversation with her. Maybe someday, you never know. It was a great day February 17th and here are my pics from the event:

Here's a picture of the milk and cookies they were serving at the event.

some of the line
some more of the line

notice that they are filming for the show on March 5th!
so beautiful, we were lined up throughout one of the ballrooms at the aquarium and this is part of what you see while you're in that room the beluga whale tank.

oh my goodness there she is!
I'm getting closer.
thank you man behind me for taking this pic of ME and MARTHA!
and there's the signature!

what a day, what an event. I am so happy and excited that I was able to attend this book signing as you can imagine. Martha has also blogged a few times regarding this book signing here in Atlanta check out her blog to read what she thought of the day.


Claudine said...

I am so happy for you Emily! I can't wait to see you on the Martha show. I will keep an eye out for you :)

Marcie said...

Hey Em,
So happy to hear you met Martha. I met her last year and I was completely speechless...i was an idiot! I was so scared to say anything! haha. It was a thrill that I will have with me forever, as you now know! :)

Debbie said...

WOW!!!!! SO cool!

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