march in review

well this month I blinked and it was over... March came and is pretty much gone. It has been a great month and to catch everyone up to speed this is what's been going on.

March 1st it snowed. Can you believe it? Snow in Atlanta; well it's not all that unbelievable but not that common either. It was great. It snowed on a sunday so most people were home from work and able to just enjoy the peacefullness of the day. That is the one thing I love about snow days is that it's so "STILL" outside when it's snowing. We managed to get out in the snow and it was Zico's first experience in it, he loved it but probably didn't really know what it was.

Next was my birthday :). This year my birthday fell on a Sunday so we were able to celebrate the whole weekend (I usually manage that anyway). We had a nice get together here with our friends and really enjoyed ourselves. One of the highlights of my birthday was the floral cupcake I received from one of my bestest friends in Miami.

This month I also started working full time, which is good but of course an adjustment. I was used to having time to get things done on the two days I was off during the week, but now things will just have to be rearranged.

We've also been focusing on forming our routine with Zico Biscuit and starting a new training class with him for puppy obediance. He's four months old now and learning something new everyday. I really can't imagine my life without him.
This is what he'll be doing at daycare. :)

I'm hoping that in the next few days I can get back to being organized about making dinner and doing some baking so I can blog about it. (and eat it)
I'm looking forward to spring (I live in a place where we have seasons now)and also to Easter - I love all the colors this time of the year.

Happy Spring!

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Debbie said...

WOW, did it ever snow! And HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!!

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