trying to get organized and keep things interesting

story of our lives, huh. I have been meaning to and will hopefully this week get organized so that I can post something to my blog at least three times a week. (we'll see what happens) As you can see from the side buttons I am creating two new categories/features to my blog.

One is called backyard traveler: Atlanta which is an idea I got from this blog awhile ago and it's just about exploring your own backyard and sharing it with others so perhaps when someone is looking for something to do in ATL they will use my blog as a resource. (that would be cool)

The other is ATL: Bar & Restaurant Guide, (will be posting shortly to this category) this is a fun little "project" some friends and I are working on together, a lot of us are new here to Atlanta and don't know all the cool places to go so whenever we get a good tip - we've been adding it to the GUIDE (already on facebook) and telling a little about the place we visited and posting some pictures.

Both projects are fun and just an excuse to go out and do something. Stay tuned to see what places we find on our adventure.

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Debbie said...

You're staying busy, girl! Good to see an update and looking forward to seeing more of Atlanta! :-)

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