Backyard Traveler: Piedmont Park

Here's some pictures from a recent outing to Piedmont Park. I call this the Central Park of Atlanta, since it's in the middle of the city and from within the park you can see the skyscrapers all around.

Piedmont Park is located at 400 Park Drive NE in Atlanta, GA

I just love it here and this day in particular (it was a weekday) there wasn't anyone (hardly anyone) at the park, we had it all to ourselves. Definitely make a stop at Piedmont Park if you are in Hotlanta.

In August a lot of people will be making a stop at Piedmont Park because Paul McCartney will be giving a concert in the park, it's going to be awesome and Fer and I will be there for sure.

1 comment:

Debbie said...

Gorgeous park!!! Makes you want to just run and lay down right in the middle of all that grass! Emma would have a field day. I'm sure Zico loved it :-)

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