EM's Mojito Tutorial

Mojitos are my favorite drink and I love making them for people, they involve a bit of work but are so tasty that they are well worth it. Recently someone asked how I make them and in an effort to pass on my recipe and method I decided to put together this tutorial for all to read. [of course that person who asked for the recipe has already created her own version of them which I can't wait to try.]

Step 1: gather your ingredients

The ingredients I use are: sugar (granulated) limes, fresh mint, barcardi rum and splash of sprite at the end.

I have a small garden on my balcony and have been growing mint for awhile specifically for mojitos.

Step 2: Cut up the limes (usually I use half a lime for each drink, cut in quarters) add a tablespoon of sugar and then muddle to squeeze out the juice of the limes and mix in the sugar.

this is what it will look like once it's been muddled.

Step 3: Add the mint and then muddle again.

Step 4: The most important add rum (to your liking)

Step 5: add ice
Step 6: top it off with some sprite and....
Voila you have a delicious refreshing mojito.


1 comment:

Debbie said...

They look SO refreshing! Especially as hot and muggy as these summer days have been.

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