...simply summertime...

New blog banner to CELEBRATE summertime. Finally made it to the beach in Tybee this past weekend. You don't realize how much you'll miss the beach; sand and ocean until it's 4 hours away.


Debbie said...

Beautiful pics - love the new banner :-)

Debbie said...

Could I get you to design one for me?

I got photoshop for Christmas and haven't even attempted to try to figure it out yet. Maybe I'll have more time to spend on it since I'll be taking a school break for a bit.

I always love your banners. They're so personalized with the pictures.


Emily said...

it would be my honor to design one for you. I will try and go thru and "tag" all the banner's I've created so you can see the frames I have and then let me know which one you want send me your pictures and I'll whip it up for you. :)FUN.

Debbie said...


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