Halloween Decor

well as usual my eyes are bigger than my stomach LOL, meaning I planned to decorate the apartment with many more halloweeny things, but in the end this is it. We will be dressing up and going to a party on Saturday night and we will be dressing up Zico Biscuit and taking him "trick or treating" but that's about it. I got a lot/most of my ideas this year from this blog post on Sherry and John's Young House Love Blog

displayed my "scary books" by taking off the covers and displaying just the gold and purple spines.

gotta love this skeleton, he can do anything.

like I said I got all my ideas from the Young House Love Blog here's some bleeding candles.

then I used mason jars and put some colorful candies in them for some more decor.

So that's it for the halloween decor around the apartment. I hope you all have a happy and safe (and scary) halloween.

1 comment:

Debbie said...

LOVE everything you did! So much more authentic looking rather than little trinkets lying around. Super cute! And a little bit spooky ;-)

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